Restaurant Domain Name

The Restaurant domain is just another term for your website name. We purchase it for you and try to get the one you like most from what’s available on the list.

A Domain Name is what your website URL (link) will be called. For example: It’s easy to remember so customers can remember it and type it whenever they want to look up your restaurant on the internet.

There’s 3 main parts of a domain:

Domain name: iEatery is the domain name in

Subdomain: The prefix that classifies a domain;

Top-level Domain: The suffix at the end of a URL; .com, .net, .org, .edu or .gov

With iEatery, you will get your own Top-level Domain, so your restaurant’s URL will be the name of your choice ending in .com; such as: With the sign up for our Online Ordering services, you will get both a Domain Name and Website Hosting services at no extra cost!

After we purchase your Domain Name and register it, we have to register your DNS (Domain Name System) as well. DNS is a database that allows Domain Names to be connected to IP addresses; meaning, when you type in your Domain Name on the internet, the DNS will search through every registered IP addresses and connect your domain name with its registered IP addresses. This results in the server pulling up your web page instantly!