iEatery Pro App for Restaurant Owners

Who said online ordering software had to be complicated?

Install the iEatery Pro App on your smartphone, set up your restaurant, and forget all the hassles of receiving orders. iEatery is a team of talented and hardworking individuals, dedicated to growing your business through increased sales & retention of clients, by offering the necessary online services needed to grow in today’s world. It takes less time to accept orders than it does to install the app!

How does iEatery Pro App Work?

With iEatery app, you can take online orders directly on your smartphone or tablet. Each time an order is placed, you get a real-time notification on your device. All it takes is a tap for you to confirm it right away. You have 3 minutes to confirm the order, while we keep your hungry client busy.

Set up your restaurant profile

Setting-up your restaurant couldn’t be any easier! With the iEatery Pro App, no coding skills required, no trick questions or long forms to fill out - simply pin your restaurant’s location on the map, add opening hours, and so on.

Create an online restaurant menu

As part of the setup, we have a dynamic menu builder that can be customized for each meu type. iEatery’s restaurant menu builder allows you to add food categories, important details, special ingredients, toppings, and so on. With its highly intuitive interface, you should be minutes away from taking online orders.

Print orders directly from the app

Once you’ve accepted an order, get it printed directly from the app itself. iEatery’s restaurant order taking app gives you robust options to automatically print the orders right after you accept them:

  • A thermal printer connected to the app
  • o SMS order to a printer

Ready for delivery

Once you’re done with preparing the food, hand it over to the delivery person assigned by iEatery. Your client will be notified through the app.

Benefits of Real-time Order Confirmation

Benefits of Real-time Order Confirmation

Technology has blessed business in more ways than we can think of. With this app, your consumer/guest holds the line while you review the order and receives the confirmation as soon as you send it. The quick feedback reassures your client that his/her order is being taken care of, while you can get started without other follow up calls. Food lovers prefer real-time ordering because of:

  • Convenience
  • No busy lines
  • No misunderstandings
  • Fast order confirmation
  • Staying in the loop all the time
Build Your Restaurant Brand with iEatery

Build Your Restaurant Brand with iEatery

Power your business with our free restaurant online ordering system & you’ll never have to worry about fees or commissions. We appreciate the passion of food lovers, and the value they bring to your business. At iEatery, our core values are all about your food, your restaurant, and loyal customers; thus, building a strong bond between you and your clientele.

  • Increase your restaurant's revenue
  • Retain your customers
  • See your customers’ order history
  • Reach new customers
  • Increase your restaurant's brand awareness