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Your Favorite Restaurants

Your Favorite Restaurants

There’s hardly anyone we know who doesn’t like to eat out. Most of us have a few favorite restaurants on the top of our minds. How amazing it would be to see all your favorite restaurants at one place and order away to your heart’s content? This can happen. iEatery provides that opportunity.

Different Mood, Different Food

Feeling cold? Grab some soup or a cup of your favorite frape!

Raining? How about something crunchy & spicy?

Our food choices swing just like our mood and weather plays a role in that too. There is no denying this fact. Then again, we want to try out new dishes or cuisines of various regions from across the world that are being served at a restaurant in our own region.

Sometimes we just want to try out new dishes by reading about the chef in a magazine article, or hearing about the service or environment of a restaurant from our friends or colleagues. There are numerous such ways in which we get introduced to new food and places. And soon we discover that we have a new favorite restaurant on our list.

More than One Favorite?

Often, it is thought that there is only one that can be our favorite. But that isn't true. The concept of "favorite" can change with our mood or our choice of dining partners.

There is always a favored place to have a cup of coffee with colleagues. But that is not where we go for late-night hangouts, sudden dinner plans, or romantic dinners. For every such occasion, we all have that one go-to place that we call our favorite restaurant.

So, why should we have just one favorite restaurant?

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