Call Tracking Software for Restaurants

This is an exclusive system by iEatery, which allows you to track your customers data from any where in the world. You will know their name and number, it helps you to retarget, market you specials and build loyalty.

call tracking

Key Benefits

  • All your phone orders are recorded in case you need to go back and check what was ordered, pricing, or any other related phone request.
  • Retarget customers for marketing and promotion purposes.
  • Ability to see and document the revenue generated from phone orders.
  • Track your employees performance by listening to the call, and reward them accordingly.
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What We Will Do

You will be provided with your own call tracking system, it will be implemented in your dashboard. All you is a vital per minute charges, no monthly fee, no per order commission, all you pay is per minute charges. You're able to keep track of the orders, the revenue generated from it, and offer your customers the convenience they're looking for by cutting down on waiting time.