Setup Online Ordering for Restaurant in Minutes
Your Restaurants - Your Brand - Your Customers

iEatery enables your customers to digitally browse your food menu, place orders in the shopping cart and pay online, all on your restaurants’ very own website. It’s your brand, your customer, iEatery helps you build your brand and let you keep your customers.

case study

″I was just about to spend $3,300 on a website when a friend of mine told me about iEatery. Within a day my restaurant was built with an Online Ordering System. Absolutely Amazing!″
-Shiraz Anwer (Al Kabab in Houston)

Easy Online Ordering
Order Online
Order Placed Online

Customer places their order on your website via mobile device or desktop computer

Food Delivery
Receive Order

Get notified in the kitchen when an order is placed for pickup and delivery

Get Paid
Get Paid

Payments are processed securely and directly transferred to your bank account

Benefit Of Having iEatery Ordering System


  • Increase your restaurant's revenue.
  • You retain your customers.
  • You can see your customer order history, unlike other ordering systems.
  • Reach new customers.
  • Increase your restaurant's brand awareness.
  • No commission per order.
  • Update your menu from our easy-to-use restaurant account, customers will immediately see the changes.
  • Set the hours, location information, pictures, and branding in minutes. Getting set up is very easy, and we'll guide you through the entire process.
  • Lunch specials, Dinner specials, and more to be viewed by millions of online users.
  • Send your specials via text or email by using our platform.

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Our “No Risk” Guarantee

iEatery has 90 days Money back guarantee without any questions asked. You can ask for 100% of any usage fee charged by iEatery within 90 days of the service. Initial setup fee will not be refunded, since it was used to set up the Digital Menu and Online Ordering Platform.