Online Ordering System for Full-Service Restaurant

Online Order- these two words have defined our life in a completely new way ever since the pandemic hit. But wasn’t it already there even before the pandemic? Indeed, it was. Therefore, ordering food online is not a new concept. When it comes to a full-service restaurant, online orders are of very high significance. Therefore, it’s always best to have a user-friendly app to record all the details of the order and make sure nothing is overlooked when the order is being executed.

Online Ordering System for Full-Service Restaurant

The telephone has been a very common way of ordering online for reservations or other things in a full-service restaurant. However, it is important to mention here that many tiny little details can get lost in the communication when there is not enough record kept regarding the order. Yes, you can take notes. But can you ensure it all the time? Are you sure that there will be no mistake at all?

Through an app like iEatery, there is a huge possibility of having no mistake at all and making sure your guests’ special requests, those tiny little details have been paid enough attention to for we all know, it’s those details that make a difference when you promise to provide a memorable experience and expect repeat visits by your guests.

Benefits of iEatery Online Order System

Benefits of Using Our iEatery Online Order System at Your Restaurant

Through the app, Online orders are significantly larger (by up to 20%) compared to telephone orders. Your repeat business will increase dramatically because a happy customer is a loyal one. The orders are not only sent to your own tablet or phone but also sent to your iEatery exclusive platform Dashboard where you can accept or reject orders without having to be on the premises. Order notifications are also sent via SMS and email so you can keep an eye on your business remotely. Moreover, all sensitive information is password protected and SSL encrypted. Credit card transactions can be processed in real-time with an online merchant account.

Build Your Restaurant Brand with iEatery

Power your business with our free restaurant online ordering system & you’ll never have to worry about fees or commissions. We appreciate the passion of food lovers, and the value they bring to your business. At iEatery, our core values are all about your food, your restaurant, and loyal customers; thus, building a strong bond between you and your clientele.

  • Increase your restaurant's revenue
  • Retain your customers
  • See your customers’ order history
  • Reach new customers
  • Increase your restaurant's brand awareness