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10 Ways to Use Twitter to Market Your Restaurant

With tweets limited to 280 characters, Twitter is not the obvious choice for most restaurant marketing campaigns. But the platform can be very helpful if you know how to use it properly.

Among the social media platforms, Twitter for restaurants is no longer is more than a “nice to have” marketing tactic. It's practically mandatory because it allows you to engage countless current and potential customers through simple messages that get shared by both regular customers and strangers.

For restaurants, Twitter is basically a free, easy-to-use source of advertising, customer support, and even order management. If you haven’t adopted it yet, you really should do so. Here are 10 great examples of what Twitter can do to improve your social media marketing:

1. Join the Conversation

Twitter is basically a large group conversation where everyone has the ability to chime in. At times, it can feel overwhelming. But if you make good points and entice diners with your posts, the follows and shares start rolling in. The more eyes and ears you reach, the more people become aware of what you’re promoting.

2. Keep Up with Your Competition

Adopting some best practices to promote your restaurant include following, responding to, and retweeting other local businesses that are on the platform. Pay attention to other restaurants in your area to monitor their specials and take notice of people who like to comment about dining. It is a good idea to engage other businesses