Coupon System for Restaurants

A coupon system is a great way to drive traffic to your restaurant because it doesn't only generate repeat customers, but encourages new customers to visit your restaurant and try your food

key Benefits

  • Coupons encourage new customers to visit your restaurant and try your food
  • Offering coupons can create customer loyalty and drive existing cutomers back to your restaurant
  • Discounts and coupons are a great way to build curiosity about new menu items and get customers to try them
  • You can reach a wider range of customers, those who drive from further places, so they can use your coupons and try your food
coupon system

Different Types of Coupons


There are multiple types of coupons that you could offer your customers, each of them provides a different kind of offer and may vary in result. We will help you find the best strategy to use to drive the most traffic to your restaurant.

  • Flat-Rate Coupons: Like the name indicates, this type of coupons offers your customers a flat discount, which basically means it offers a specific amount; $5 or $10 for example; off their total bill. This is a good option for restaurants with pricier menus. To make sure you're still making profits and not losing too much money, flat rate coupons tend to include a spending minimum. Meaning your customers can get that $5 or $10 dollars off their bill ONLY if they spend over a specific amount; for example, $30.
  • Percentage-Based Discounts: This type of coupons offers a discount off the total bill or food items, based on a specific percentage. Meaning, a customer gets 15% or 20% off of their meal or their final bill. These kinds of coupons work best for restaurants with affordable prices, because customers get excited with the amount of percentage offered or the idea of a discount, that they think they're saving lots of money, when in reality they're only saving a few dollars.
  • Bonuses: Offering discounts or free items with the purchase of another item is referred to as bonuses. For example, you can promote a free beverage with the purchase of a lunch meal. Bonus-based offers work best for bars and restaurant with lots of entertainment. They're also excellent options to utilize when promoting new menu items, because you can include the new item with something your customers already enjoy at your restaurant.
  • Loyalty Cards: Loyalty cards refer to cards that you provide your customers with, that they can get stamped or hole-punched to mark their purchases or visits at your restaurants. When they reach a specific limit or collect a specific amount, they usually get rewarded with either a discount or a free item. Having customers work their way up to a discounted or free item creates excitement. These kinds of promotinos are great at driving customers back for more purchases; and they are used most at coffee shops or ice cream shops.